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Family law

When this happens, you will have the finest Family Law Litigators to get the best possible outcome for you. We want to limit your court time and will give you status updates and realistic timeframes. At Longton Legal, we understand that communication is a vital aspect to reducing stress and anxiety during these times.

Urgent Injunctions

Rigid court timetables and procedures can create situations where parties are left at an impasse for months in between court

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Property Settlements

Over the course of a relationship, parties often spend years accumulating, selling, reinvesting and simply using up various types of

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Child Custody

Are you unsure about how to approach your former partner about what sort of parenting arrangement would be in the

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It is not always easy to pinpoint an exact date of “separation”. In fact, the meaning of the word “separation”

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Are you having trouble with the divorce process? We are here to help, simply get in touch online or call

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