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Child Custody

Child Custody

Are you unsure about how to approach your former partner about what sort of parenting arrangement would be in the best interests of the children? Or have you tried and tried, yet failed to achieve an amicable agreement about where the children will live and who the children will spend their Christmas holidays with?

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It may be that your best way forward is to obtain enforceable Court Orders regarding:

  1. whether you will continue to share parental responsibility with respect to long-term decisions involving the children (such as education, health and religion);
  2. which home the child shall live in; and
  3. how much time the child shall spend with each parent.

Applying for Court Orders does not mean that you will need to be involved in a lengthy and confrontational court battle. We can assist you in the process of negotiating a parenting arrangement outside of Court, and finalising the terms of the agreement by way of consent orders.

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