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Property Settlements

Property Settlements

Over the course of a relationship, parties often spend years accumulating, selling, reinvesting and simply using up various types of property. You will have property that you own in your sole names and property that you own jointly; all of which forms part of the pool of property that is to be divided.

In most cases, working out what you and your former partner would be entitled to out of the total pool of assets involves the following four-step approach:

  1. What is your property currently worth?
  2. What financial, non-financial and homemaker and/or parenting contributions have you made?
  3. Do you have greater future needs as a result of the relationship?
  4. Is the overall division of the assets and liabilities a fair outcome for you both?

Simply get in touch online or call us to find out how the four-step process would apply to your circumstances and what your entitlements are.

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