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Parenting Orders

Parenting Orders

If you have separated from your former partner and you wish to avoid attending Court, there are a number of ways you can formalise an agreed timetable in relation to the children. A Parenting Plan is an agreement that is in writing, was made between the parents of a child; signed by the parents, dated, and deals with one or more of the following matters:

  1. with whom a child is to live;
  2. how much time the child spends with the other parent;
  3. identifying which parent is responsible for decision making regarding long term matters involving the child such as education, health and religion;
  4. method of communication between the parents;
  5. how to resolve disputes regarding the future operation of the plan; or any aspect of the care, welfare or development of the child or any other aspect of parental responsibility for a child.

The plan can be changed at any time with the agreement of both parents. For more information on the costs and benefits of drawing up a parenting plan simply get in touch online or call us.

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