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Urgent injunctions and freezing orders

Urgent injunctions and freezing orders

Freezing orders are when the court makes an order preventing a party from putting money or assets beyond the reach of the court. This allows you to maintain the “status quo” and have a properly prepared hearing about the issue later on. Injunctions are often made by a court to prevent a party from taking some action which may be harmful to you.

Many lawyers are not equipped to seek urgent court orders such as injunctions or freezing orders. When time is of the essence and your money or goods have been taken or are at risk, you do not have time to waste with anything but lawyers who are experienced in obtaining these drastic remedies from the court urgently.

Our lawyers have this experience and know what to do when you want us to be in front of a judge getting court orders in place within a matter of hours, not days.

When your opponent strips a joint bank account of money, when you discover that your assets are being loaded onto a ship for removal from Australia, or when you need to urgently prevent any commercially harmful event, our experienced lawyers are ready to spring into action!

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