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Tree and hedge disputes

Tree and hedge disputes

Tree and hedge disputes frequently arise between neighbours. Whilst it is good practice to try and resolve such disputes with your neighbour directly and without intervention of the Court, sometimes that is just not possible.

Disputes involving trees and hedges are most frequently dealt with in the Land & Environment Court of NSW. This is a specialist Court that has both Commissioners and Judges, including a dedicated division (Class 2) for resolving tree and hedge disputes.

There is specific legislation and regulations which govern this area of the law and the jurisdiction of the Court to intervene in such matters. Often, reports from specialist professionals, such as an arborist or an engineer, may be necessary to help convince the Court to make, or not make, certain orders.

Our lawyers can help you to resolve your tree and hedge disputes at any stage of the process. However, it is always best to speak with us as early on as possible to enable us to provide you with the best assistance, strategy and advice which will help you to achieve your objectives in a commercially sensible way.

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