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Shareholder disputes

Shareholder disputes

Shareholder disputes typically occur between shareholders in a company that have a falling out and wish to part ways. Some typical examples might include:

  • Underperformance of the company.
  • Different strategic plans and goals.
  • Issues with the directors of the company (who are frequently representatives of the major shareholders).

There is specific legislation that governs this area of the law. However, the first step is to read and review the Shareholders Agreement, if there is one. If such an agreement does not exist or it is found lacking, it is possible that the relevant legislation (and, potentially, the common law) will assist in filling in any gaps.

The area of the law relating to shareholder disputes is complex. Our lawyers can help you to resolve your dispute at any stage of the process. However, it is always best to speak with us as early on as possible to enable us to provide you with the best assistance, strategy and advice which will help you to achieve your objectives in a commercially sensible way.

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