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Preparing a Will

Preparing a Will

Need help making a Will? Simply contact us online or give us a call and one of our dedicated team members will guide you through the process.

A will is a legal document in which you can list who will receive your property and possessions when you die. By leaving a valid Will, you are maximising your chances of making sure that your assets are gifted to the people you have listed. This means that if you are thinking of leaving property to a charity, a close friend or family who are financially dependent on you, you should always make a will.

Longton Legal has helped many clients ensure that their hard-earned assets pass to their named beneficiaries by:

  • developing a tailored succession strategy that would not otherwise have been available if they died without a Will;
  • helping clients choose a trusted person to fulfil the role of Executor and Trustee;
  • providing a written record of their preferred appointment of a guardian of their infant children;
  • implementing tax-efficient options;
  • minimising the time and costs that will eventually be involved in the administration for their estate.

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