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It is disappointing:

  • When our business or financial interests suffer loss unnecessarily because of the carelessness of another.
  • To receive advice which is wrong and costly, from the very “professional” we hired to advise us in the first place.

The question of whether the individual, entity or “professional” who caused you loss is liable to compensate you in negligence can be a difficult one to answer. We will leave no stone unturned to get compensation for you, if at all possible.

There are some situations where a duty of care is owed to you. For example, a solicitor acting for you, a builder you engage to construct your house or an architect designing an office building for you. Some situations are unclear and require investigation by lawyers who know what they are doing in this area.

Did the careless action cause the damage? Our experienced lawyers have worked with many different kinds of expert witness who can produce an expert report which will assist a judge to find that the damage was (or was not) caused by the action in question.

We will give you robust, comprehensive, accurate and timely advice which puts you in a position to decide whether you should pursue a negligence claim as claimant, whether you are at risk of an adverse finding as a defendant or whether you should do a commercial deal “cut your losses” and simply move on.

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