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National Credit Code is important to borrowers and lenders as it regulates the provision of credit including mortgages, personal loans and the law relating to credit cards.

Borrowing/lending money involves risks, so it is essential that you have access to reliable legal advice to protect you in a dispute.

We have a team of dedicated and experienced lawyers who can provide services, including:

  • residential and commercial loans
  • National Credit Code and its compliance
  • advising borrowers or guarantors on mortgage documentation and guarantees
  • enforceability of contracts subject to the Code
  • litigation arising out of alleged breaches of the Code
  • negotiation and security structure of finance transactions
  • preparation of finance documentation
  • advising credit providers on loan structures
  • drafting Deed of Priority and consents to second mortgages
  • discharge of mortgages and collateral securities
  • debt recovery procedures and litigation
  • corporate and individual insolvency issues, including receiverships, liquidations, bankruptcies and administrations
  • enforcement of securities, mortgagee sales, re-possessions

We provide our clients with efficient and practical advice, so our clients can get on with their business.

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