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Driving and Traffic Offences

Driving and Traffic Offences

At Longton Legal, we appreciate the significance of your license and how important it is for everyday life – not only for convenience, but as an essential asset to family life, travel, employment, study and much more. Our expert Criminal and Traffic Lawyers are always available to provide you with the right advice to suit your situation.

What does a loss of license mean for you?

Questions that may run through your mind are plentiful when you are faced with the possibility of a loss of license. You may want to know the nature of the offence you’re alleged to have committed, whether there is a chance of a lesser penalty, what happens if you go to court, and what effect, if any, this may have on your record and lawful ability to drive.

Our Traffic Lawyers have significant experience across a range of driving offences in NSW. Whether you have been charged with an offence of driving with a prescribed concentration of alcohol, dangerous or negligent driving, or simply wish to know more about the rules and regulations in NSW; we will review your situation, and work with you to achieve your desired outcome.

Our Traffic Lawyers attend courts all over NSW including Sydney CBD, Sydney West, Sydney South-West and Regional NSW.

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