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Insurance disputes acting for the insured

Insurance disputes acting for the insured

Before we can advise you about an insurance dispute we need to consider:

  • Legislation which is applicable to the specific type of insurance involved.
  • Your insurance policy.
  • The facts giving rise to your insurance claim.
  • The response of the insurer to your claim.

There may be avenues open to you to have an unfavourable decision by an insurer reviewed, and we can assist you with that.

You may be able to commence proceedings in a Court or Tribunal against the insurer, and although our expert insurance dispute lawyers are experienced in such court proceedings, this is rarely, if ever, the next step or only option available. It is important to remember that insurers are motivated by purely legal and commercial considerations. Motives such as vengeance, greed, envy, jealousy and hate do not play a part in the actions of an insurer in disputes with the insured.

Our experienced insurance dispute lawyers have acted for and against insurers and are ideally placed to assist you end an insurance dispute and get a favourable result.

There are strict time limits in insurance disputes. You should not delay in contacting us for assistance as this may have a devastating effect on the outcome we can help you achieve!

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