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Franchise disputes

Franchise disputes

We have acted in many types of franchise disputes, including where international or national franchisors are involved and also where the franchise agreement was very poorly drafted and looked like a young child had written it. We kid you not – there are some very poor operators out there, both franchisors and franchisees.

But regardless of whether you are a franchisee who has been taken advantage of, or a large franchisor owed money by a franchisee who is not paying their way under the franchise agreement, our expert franchise dispute lawyers have seen it all before. This is why we can give you the advice you need to make the hard decisions necessary to resolve your franchise dispute.

You do need specialist legal advice before you:

  • Cut away a non-compliant franchisee.
  • Commence proceedings against the franchisor.
  • Attempt to negotiate concerning any serious conflict about a franchise agreement.
  • Take steps if you or your company are substantially in arrears in respect of your financial obligations under a franchise agreement.

Contact us today and get advice from our experienced franchise dispute lawyers before you make an unnecessary, expensive or other wrong move!

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