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Family business disputes

Family business disputes

As families accumulate, create and protect wealth across generations, various structures such as corporations and trusts are created to hold assets or run businesses.

But what do you do when other family members become greedy, lazy, dishonest or otherwise threaten your interests in the family assets and businesses? Our experienced lawyers can quickly:

  • Work out the nature and legal effect of whatever structures have been put in place.
  • Take instructions from you about the various parties involved and their interests.
  • Apply their specialist knowledge about business disputes.
  • Advise you about the best possible outcomes and quickest possible timeframes.

If money or assets have been taken or are at risk – we will help you move quickly to obtain injunctions such as freezing orders or appoint an administrator.

If court proceedings have commenced against you – we will help you respond and get back in control.

Even if multiple parties are involved – we will negotiate aggressively on your behalf.

If you are in a fight with your family members about the family businesses or assets, it may not be in your interests to use your regular family lawyer. They may be conflicted from assisting you. They may have experience in setting up businesses, but may not have experience in commercial dispute resolution.

You can rely on the specialist experience of our commercial litigation lawyers in family business disputes!

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