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Drink Driving & Drug Driving

Drink Driving & Drug Driving

Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol are serious offences all too prevalent in Courts across NSW. The penalties that may apply vary depending on your reading (Prescribed Concentration of Alcohol), the detection of an illicit substance, or whether you have been charged because you were noticeably affected by drugs or alcohol (driving under the influence).

The severity of these offences is reflected in the potential penalties, and in some instances will include the possibility of imprisonment. The potential deprivation of your liberty is one side to the potential consequences, and for some people is an unrealistic sentencing option. On the other side, the deprivation of a person’s licence to drive is almost certainly a realistic outcome which can have severe and onerous consequences.

At Longton Legal, our Criminal and Traffic Lawyers will provide you with realistic advice, possible defences, and assess your likely prospects of a successful outcome.

If you require advice or representation, contact our experienced Criminal and Traffic Lawyers to discuss your case.

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